Monday, December 28, 2015

Baby Makela {Newborn Portraits}

I have little-to-no experience photographing newborns (other than my own) so I was super excited when I had the chance to take pictures of my friend's baby, Makela!  She was so sweet, so good and SO tiny!  Almost three pounds smaller than any of my babies :)

It was really awesome to get a little more experience taking photos of a newborn and talking motherhood with her Mama.  God's got big plans for you little one!

 photo Baby M-1-1_zps5he3pxyu.jpg  photo Baby M-2-1_zpsaszjcnjw.jpg  photo Baby M-3-1_zpsigxehc0j.jpg  photo Baby M-4-1_zpsln8btf03.jpg  photo Baby M-5-1_zpskthsobhq.jpg  photo Baby M-6-1_zpslqtmcu0k.jpg  photo Baby M-7_zpsj7a0sesk.jpg  photo Baby M-8_zpsldi4sobz.jpg  photo Baby M-9_zps6rwrcqdw.jpg  photo Baby M-10_zpsolzwexvt.jpg  photo Baby M-11_zps78azszty.jpg  photo Baby M-12_zpsjcjxwqnb.jpg  photo Baby M-13_zpsl5jc0r1x.jpg  photo Baby M-14_zpstkijkwfz.jpg  photo Baby M-15_zpsewpeynth.jpg  photo Baby M-16_zpshzghoib2.jpg

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Willettes {Family Portraits}

I am just getting caught up on posting some of my recent photoshoots.  For this one, I went ALL THE WAY to Texas!

We were visiting our good friends, The Willettes, and I had the chance to capture some quick photos of them since their two youngest daughters joined the family!  The littlest one definitely kept me on my toes.  I forgot how hard it is to get a two-year-old to sit still!!!  You should see the outtakes :)

Thank you for the opportunity to capture your beautiful family!

 photo Willette Family-1_zpsztfubkq4.jpg  photo Willette Family-2_zpsxhy7n3xh.jpg  photo Willette Family-4_zpsgathybh4.jpg  photo Willette Family-5_zpsk1jcjypt.jpg  photo Willette Family-6_zpsuwr35cpz.jpg  photo Willette Family-7_zps094obfff.jpg  photo Willette Family-8_zpsfcjqdjhi.jpg  photo Willette Family-9_zpsru9t62yn.jpg  photo Willette Family-3_zpskmactung.jpg

Monday, September 7, 2015

Kyle + Dariana {Wedding}

Does anybody else LOVE weddings?  Uh, I do.  Although, admittedly, they make me VERY nervous to photograph.  I mean, you have ONE shot to capture their day.  You can't ask everyone to come back and do another take.  With that said, there is just something amazing about being there for a couple's special day.  The pre-wedding jitters, the tears walking down the aisle, the look on the groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time -- nothing like it.

I absolutely adore Dariana and Kyle.  They are just so amazing together and it was an honor to capture their day.  I can't wait to see the mountains God will move using this couple to further His kingdom here on Earth.

Congratulations, guys!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day! 

 photo Bradley Wedding-8_zpsgkdvuk5a.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-15_zpsechphfps.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-16_zpsunp2hptd.jpg  photo Kyle  Dariana Wedding-1_zpslpu39hsd.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-21_zpspojsqnlq.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-1_zpsnzehljra.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-26_zpspdoktifb.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-30_zpsatoxqnz1.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-32_zpsakmb6crq.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-37_zps9izwbioy.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-38_zpsnq4u6unb.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-40_zpswy1gvz3v.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-42_zpsp8nngcbi.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-46_zpsy0owegjs.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-57_zpsikah48ek.jpg  photo Bradley Wedding-59_zpstpfrnwax.jpg

Monday, August 3, 2015

Willette Family {Quick Look}

I had the privilege of photographing such a beautiful family last night.  The Willette family are close friends of ours.  We've never been to visit them because they live in Texas, and us in the Dominican, but we had the opportunity this weekend and we took advantage of it.

Thank you, Rob and Tammy, for your constant source of support and encouragement.  We love you and your family so very much!

 photo Willette Family-2_zpsp1u6vxly.jpg

Monday, April 27, 2015

Kyle + Dariana {Quick Look}

What a beautiful day Friday was!  And this bride...absolutely stunning!  I couldn't wait to share a little sneak peak with you from Dariana and Kyle's big day.  Congratulations guys!  It was such an honor to be part of your day.

 photo Kyle  Dariana Wedding-1_zpslpu39hsd.jpg

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kyle + Dariana {Engaged}

It's been a crazy couple of months and I am just now catching up with posting photo sessions!  This was one of my absolute FAVORITE sessions!  This amazing lighting is what happens when you come at the exact time your photographer tells you to come.  Not five minutes earlier or five minutes later!  Ahh, the golden light pouring in was to die for!

I can't wait to celebrate and photograph Kyle + Dariana's upcoming wedding April 24th!

   photo Kyle  Dariana Engagement-7_zps4d07ybi1.jpg
   photo Kyle  Dariana Engagement-6_zps7vgas46u.jpg  photo Kyle  Dariana Engagement-3_zpsp1evrbvg.jpg  photo Kyle  Dariana Engagement-21_zpswb5uq0dl.jpg  photo Kyle  Dariana Engagement-9_zps59vh4kng.jpg  photo Kyle  Dariana Engagement-10_zpskxt1xrgw.jpg  photo Kyle  Dariana Engagement-12_zpskpjomymg.jpg  photo Kyle  Dariana Engagement-13_zps4b6uf3rs.jpg  photo Kyle  Dariana Engagement-14_zpshvuqma3k.jpg  photo Kyle  Dariana Engagement-16_zpsvurjjsun.jpg  photo Kyle  Dariana Engagement-20_zpsy4uh6n9g.jpg